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I ordered $55 worth of items from Umbralight Metaphysics via FaceBook-I was told I would receive them within 10 days from payment.2 MONTHS later I am still waiting for them!

Inbox them is no good and posting on their wall is no good as you have your comments erased and you are then blocked. You won't receive your items and you will find out you are not the only one who has not received your items.

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!If you have, then report them to PayPal and get your money refunded as I have just done.

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They have opened a new business and website chateauofshawdows in Emporia Kansas. Facebook ID's are Kalisti Solis and Laminae Solis


Briar Forestheart is Cory Wray. The Spiral Hearth is the same people.

to S***y Hawkfire #853795

Wish there was a way to remove this.I take back what I said about them after digging more.

They are not them.

I'm sorry for any damages I may have done.I hope these comments can be removed.

to S***y Hawkfire Eglin Afb, Florida, United States #853798

Where is your proof? I have purchased from Spiral hearth and received all I purchased, so please show proof, if not stop the slander.

to S***y Hawkfire Eglin Afb, Florida, United States #853809

Please remove the above post, it is slander, there is no proof and I have received all that I have purchased from the Spiral Hearth Coven.

to S***y Hawkfire #914947

It is true and I've seen the proof.Cory Wray and Mollie Laufe have been doing business as the Spiral Hearth Coven and Briar Forest, Briar Forestheart.

Now they are stiffing buyers again just like when they ran Umbralight.

Many complaints on their Facebook group about this.Items not shipped for months and now they have stopped answering customer messages.


I've been asked by to give an update- Still not received my items, still can't comment on their wall-No surprise there, and I see 2 'BS' clicks on my comment above, which, I add, is true.No doubt the clickers are Mollie and Cory the owners of Umbralight Metaphysics who like to block out what they are doing and deny, deny, deny.

Seriously, do not order from them.

They hold out for longer than the 45 days that Paypal allows to give people their money back.I was lucky that I got mine back.

to athena13 #761456

Good on you for getting your money back.So many have been duped and conned by these FRAUDSTERS it's about time they were jailed.

Reason why so many more people get lured in is because they are on their page like 24/7 monitoring comments. 'Negative' ones questioning as to the whereabouts of their packages or money refunds are are deleted and ultimately blocked.

They are posting loads of *** on their wall now to try and get round people.

Well, unfortunately for those of us that they have ripped off, we have seen them for what they are.FRAUDSTERS AND *** MERCHANTS.


Whoever clicked *** obviously hasn't ordered from them. There are many of us who have not received our items and are not happy at all with their supposed customer service which entails not replying to inboxed messages, emails, and posting on their Facebook wall where all comments are deleted as quickly as possible and then, ultimately, you are barred from posting.

*** clicker, get in the real world!!!

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